• Develop the necessary skills to work in a global business environment

Communicate successfully in today's global world

with Berlitz Intercultural Communication seminars

A key element in corporate success is communication, and in today's global world, intercultural communication is paramount. Berlitz has developed intercultural communication seminars designed to improve your understanding of the subject and give you the tools you need to excel within your company. Seminars are held on your company premises and with your employees, and you can also choose to have four-hour mini-seminars. Participants complete the course with a deeper insight of intercultural interactions, making them more competent and successful employees.

Achieve multiple goals at once

All Berlitz seminars are designed in a modular manner that allows them to be combined with other parts of the Berlitz portfolio. One popular option is to conduct the seminar in a foreign language, allowing participants to increase their understanding of intercultural communication while simultaneously learning to better communicate in the target language. This method of learning is beneficial to those with multiple goals on the road to success.

Ideal for the entire company

Each and every Berlitz seminar is customized for the specific participants. This means that topics are relevant to your industry, but this also means that the content of the seminar can vary based on the participants' hierarchy within the company. Accordingly, Berlitz intercultural communication seminars are ideal for top managers, middle-level employees, and career starters alike.

Other types of seminars

In addition to the intercultural communication seminars, Berlitz offers seminars in Leadership & Strategy and Project Management & Work Techniques. Berlitz has over 60 topics from a wide variety of industries, and all of the various topics can be freely combined to ensure your seminar touches all the points you require. Combined with a foreign language, Berlitz seminars go a long way to furthering your professional aspirations.

Contact your local Berlitz center today to get more information about organizing a seminar for your company or department. You will not be disappointed by what you take away from the seminar.


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