Time Zones, English for Teens

Develop communication skills in a challenging environment

The Time Zones program stimulates, challenges and gives teenagers ages 12+ an intercultural perspective. Berlitz has worked with National Geographic to develop course materials that engage students and stimulate them to speak the new language at all times.  Courses present topics that interest teens in areas such as culture, history and science. More than just a language program, Berlitz Time Zones provides the foundation for a teen’s life after school, teaching them valuable communication skills that will last a lifetime.

Time Zones
Berlitz Time Zones features
  • A strong focus on active conversation and communication skills
  • Interesting and challenging content developed with National Geographic
  • Native speaker trainers encourage use of English only
  • Language immersion using the tried-and-trusted Berlitz Method®

Prepare for an international life

Language immersion is one of the key aspects of the Berlitz Method®. Students learn in individual lessons or in small groups, which allows for maximum speaking time. Learners receive a student book, a workbook and access to multimedia content that reveal the vastness and beauty of the planet. This content aims to show that though we all live together in one world, cultures are shaped differently, which adds to the overall richness of the global community. By the end of program you will be impressed when you see how confidently teens speak English.

Contact your local Berlitz center to get more information about the program and to experience the Berlitz Time Zones for English.


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