• Have total flexibility of time, place and lesson content with telephone instruction

Berlitz Online Live Seminars

Education goes digital: Boost your career with little effort and low investment!

As of now, a majority of the proven Berlitz Seminars is available as most compact, interactive live trainings in virtual classrooms (Adobe Connect) guaranteeing highest quality standards, supported by latest technologies.

The Berlitz Online Live Seminars provide participants with the required intercultural knowledge as well as management and leadership skills.

General Information
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Schedule and More
  • 2 live sessions of 90 minutes each
  • Preparatory and intermediate tasks for greater comprehension of the contents
  • Interactive teaching of seminar topics in small groups (max. 12 participants)
  • Cost-effective alternative to face-to-face training
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Your Benefits
  • Seminars accessible from anywhere
  • Most compact and business relevant contents
  • Smoothly to be integrated into daily work routines
  • Perfect solution for employees from various branches

Our Topics

Basis for successful international communication

  • Cultural concepts - perception and understanding
  • Pitfalls in your own perception and dealing with prejudice
  • Culture shock - from resistance to adjustment
  • Dealing with cultural rules
  • Resolving misunderstandings and conflicts
  • Levels of intercultural expertise

Develop a truly pleasant and amenable communication style that leads to positive results for you and your company

  • Communication within a team
  • Actively listening, understanding and responding
  • The four parts of a message
  • Efficient and respectful communication

Techniques for respectful communication

  • Analyzing your effect on others
  • Five approaches to respectful communication
  • The feedback burger
  • Checklists: giving and receiving feedback

Conduct work meetings in a structured manner

  • The role of the moderator: neutral or persuasive?
  • Moderation exercise: developing rules for a meeting
  • Acting as the moderator to guide the course of the discussion
  • Workshop techniques and visualization tools for moderation and evaluation

Effective strategies for de-escalation and solution-oriented understanding

  • Self-analysis: my behavior in conflict situations
  • Types, causes and manifestations of conflict
  • Coming up with win-win solutions
  • Effective tools for preventing and resolving conflict

Break through established patterns to see things from a different perspective

  • How creativity comes about and how to promote it
  • The creative problem-solving process
  • Analytical & intuitive methods

Best-practice strategies for greater resilience at work.

Personal strategies for improving your own attitude towards change.

Advantages and risks of virtual cooperation.
Trainings content
Goal Orientation
  • Goal Orientation: Methods, techniques and theories support to achieve individual learning goals.
  • Maximum participation of all participants: Instead of sitting around ordinarily and listening passively, the focus of our training is on active participation.
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Theory and more
  • Theory for practical application: As a foundation, theories and techniques only gain value through repeated use in general life.
  • Learning transfer being an indicator of success: The overall goal of our participants is to be able to cope with everyday business situations more successfully..
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