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Frankfurt, January 2 2008 - Berlitz offers select language courses with a performance guarantee

New group courses throughout Germany from January

Foreign language skills are a basic requirement today. Employees nowadays often face mergers, acquisitions of foreign companies and changes in the company language. In this context, it is an advantage if you have planning reliability from the very beginning when learning a language.
Berlitz is therefore offering group courses in English, Spanish, Italian, French and German with a performance guarantee from January 2008. For local companies, this means that their employees can receive consistent training with fixed starting dates throughout Germany. For individuals, this means that you can plan your language course better and are thus prepared when you are suddenly told: "Our company language is now English".

Concise, efficient and practical - this is what many customers who book a language course with Berlitz want. This enables the language to be applied quickly and directly. Also, learning a foreign language with other people and achieving a language goal together, appeals to many participants. The free consultation prior to the course ensures that those attending the course, a maximum of five people, all have the same level of knowledge in the foreign language. They can also have their skills assessed beforehand in an online language test at

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