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Business Workshops


Special workshops for Business English

The goal-oriented compact training

These workshops are for everyone who has to improve different business skills in English in the shortest possible time.


  • Compact, goal-oriented training
  • Training and practice using realistic, interactive case studies
  • Groups from 5-8 people
  • Different topics: Telephoning in English, Business writing, Negotiations, Meetings and presentations


Who are they for?
This special workshops offer effective language training for everyone who wants to master Telephoning in English, Business writing, Negotiations or Meetings and presentations.

The benefits:

  • Compact training in 4 days
  • Goal-oriented language training which helps overcome language inhibitions 
  • Training with the aid of realistic, interactive role plays 
  • Integration of case studies and discussion of economic and political issues 
  • Only 5 to 8 participants per workshop

How it works:

Select the workshop topic from our list, which best fits your language goal:

For Berlitz levels 3-5:

  • Telephoning in English: for efficient telephone communication
  • Business Writing: for making a professional impression in writing

For Berlitz levels 5-8:

  • Negotiations: for successful negotiations
  • Meeting and presentations: for making purposeful arguments and present with conviction


  • Language: English
  • Start date: 12.4.2012
  • Location: Ljubljana and Maribor
  • Schedule: 4 times 5 lessons; 17:00-20:45; Thurdsay (12.4.), Friday (13.4.), Thursday (19.4.), Friday (20.4.)
  • Special Price: 186 € (VAT and material included)


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