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Berlitz Custom Tests

There's no better way.

Who is it for?

Berlitz has the ability to design custom tests in many languages to meet your organization's specific needs.We work with you to create test content that address skills that are necessary for the day-to-day communicative exchanges with both your own employees and your clients. The content comprises tasks and texts that reflect the communicative activities that your employees should master to execute their jobs effectively.

The benefits:

Some Language Skills for testing are

  • Writing (e.g., emails and reports)
  • Reading comprehension
  • Written translation (skills from one language to a second language)
  • Oral translation
  • Use of industry specific terminology

How it works:

Depending on the skills tested and the size of the project, we can employ a variety of test formats - from assessments over the phone to online or paper-based written tests.

We will also be pleased to visit your company to advise you directly.

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