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Group Instruction

Group education

 When group dynamics provides motivation and contributes to success.


1.) "Berlitz Compacts"
- we offer you exactly what you need to improve in your English.
- Quick and effective;
- Language: general or a higher level of English
- Duration: 30 lessons (1 times per week for 3 lessons)
- Program: group of 4-6 people
- You can choose between "Social situations", "Business English" or "Meetings and Presentations".
- Tuition: only 354 € + material. 

2.) Preparations for a job interview in English
- Language: English or German
- Duraton: 15 lessons (1 times per weekfor 3 lessons)
- Program: group of 4-6 people
- Tuition: 162€ (VAT included)

If you think group language learning is fun and you want to learn a new language quickly and in a targeted manner, then this is the right choice for you. Group education at Berlitz enables you quick and constant progress.

You can choose from 3 group education variations:

  • Group of 3 people
  • Group of 5-8 participants
  • Preparation for certificates and international exams

Reach your objectives by means of our unique foreign language learning methods. 

Our consultants at Berlitz are always happy to be at your service!

With the acquisition of ISO 9001:2008 certification, Berlitz Slovenia d.o.o. has proven that its business practices conform to the highest of standards, and that it has an ongoing commitment to service improvement and customer satisfaction.


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