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Group Instruction

Group of 3 people

All the attention, half the cost.

Who is it for?

Small group with 3 participants during summer is the ideal solution for all those who want quick learning success whilst keeping down costs. 

The benefits:

  • Quick, effective learning
  • Both the participants have the full attention of the instructor
  • Instructors are native speakers
  • Additional motivation thanks to the learning partner
  • You think and speak in the new language from the start  
  • For all languages

How to get started:

If you come with a partner, friend or colleague, you can decide for yourselves .

Free course advice and assessment:

We will be pleased to answer your questions personally. And of course, you will receive an assessment test (Berlitz Level/CEF) free of charge in order to ascertain your current language level.

With the acquisition of ISO 9001:2008 certification, Berlitz Slovenia d.o.o. has proven that its business practices conform to the highest of standards, and that it has an ongoing commitment to service improvement and customer satisfaction.

For more information please contact us at 080 23 36.

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