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Kids Individual Instruction

Perfect solution. Perfect flexibility.

Who is it for?

Individual instruction for kids and teens is meant for different ages. Individual instruction is specifically suitable for those who don't have time for regular group courses or who have special wishes in regards to learning - prepare for exams, improving school grades, learning or improving grammar skills... Programmes are very effective, quick and adjusted to the wishes and needs of the child.


  • Regular teaching 2 x per week
  • Varied course material
  • Possibility of using own material
  • Specially trained native speaker language instructors
  • Possibility of having flexible schedule
  • Quick learning and success

Free course advice and assessment::

Berlitz Kids + Teens courses are available at every Berlitz language center. Simply give us a call or visit us directly at a Berlitz language center near you! We would be happy to provide you with free of charge, no-obligation advice.

Contact your local language center.

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