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Kids + Teens Language Programs

English Starter/Primary

Foreign language learning through play and fun.

For whom is the programme intended?

In order to provide fun and efficient English learning programmes to our youngest pupils aged 4-7, our study materials include various cartoon characters which significantly contribute to fun workshops. Through activities such as singing, colouring, dancing, games and crafts, children learn English as if it were their native tongue and have lots of fun at the same time.


  • Classes take place once a week;
  • there are 6-9 children in a group;
  • the course takes place throughout the entire school year;
  • tutors are native speakers specially trained to work with children;
  • children can join groups every month.

How it works:

Berlitz Kids individual programmes are available at all our language centres.

Our consultants at Berlitz are always happy to be at your service!

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