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Language programs

Programmes for children and pupils

Learning in a fun way

The easiest way to learn a foreign language is to learn it in childhood. Curious and knowledge seeking children can do very well in an environment where foreign language is used. If they start learning very early on, their pronunciation is more likely to be completely equal to that of a native speaker.

Programmes for children and pupils are an excellent choice:

  • Foreign language learning encourages the development of intellectual capabilities
  • Children gain insight into other cultures and customs
  • They create an excellent basis for foreign language learning at school
  • As adults, they are more likely to gain employment in various fields

All tutors are native speakers and are experienced in working with children and pupils.

With the acquisition of ISO 9001:2008 certification, Berlitz Slovenia d.o.o. has proven that its business practices conform to the highest of standards, and that it has an ongoing commitment to service improvement and customer satisfaction.

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