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When language learning becomes an adventure.

The only language holidays in Slovenia that use programmes of the most successful foreign language camps. We provide the best tutors and a lot of fun at the same time!

Talk and learn!

Are you looking for fun and educational holidays? Both means can be achieved with the Summer Kids Camps programme - language holidays for children. The programme is a combination of active foreign language classes, sports and social activities. Children are accommodated in an idyllic environment, far away from city noise and dangerous roads. This is the fastest and the most effective way to learn a foreign language - and children have lots of fun at the same time.

Berlitz Summer Camp participants learn a foreign language through play, using a fun and effective method! The children remain in contact with the foreign language all day - not just during class but also while taking part in all other activities. There's always a lot of fun to be had: during daily lessons, during different types of sports events and during interesting and educational social activities. Participants will enjoy diverse types of activities offered by Summer Camp locations in the company of new friends.

Why Krvavec?

Krvavec is located in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps at an altitude of 1600 metres above sea level. In the summertime, Krvavec transforms into a lovely and hospitable location, owing particularly to its fresh mountain air, beautiful nature and friendly people. And what have we prepared for you? Active adventures!

  • Summer park,
  • drop with mountain go-carts or tubes,
  • trampoline,
  • archery,
  • cinema under the stars, and much more.

    Why Debeli rtič?

    At Debeli rtič children will enjoy the sun, sand, water and waves. This Youth Health and Summer Resort has over 50 years' experience in hosting kids' holidays and is very well aware of children's and young people's needs. And what have we prepared for you? Sea adventures!

    Interesting and attractive lessons!

    Language holidays differ significantly from conventional lessons. Emphasis is placed on speaking - conversation. Learning in small groups, role-playing games and other interesting games make learning fun and efficient, while at the same time, children quickly learn to spontaneously use foreign language.

    Whom are language holidays intended for?

    They are intended for children and teenagers aged 7-18, regardless of their previous language skills. Programmes are suitable for both beginners and children who already have good language skills. Children are divided into small groups (each of a maximum 10 children) according to their age and language skills. Each group works according to a tailor-made learning programme allowing children to gain as much knowledge as possible.

    Language holidays cost 539 EUR or 679 EUR for 7-day camp.

    How to apply?

    If you want to make your purchase via the Internet, click here. You can also send us e-mail or call us on our toll-free number and order via telephone.

    Check out our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/berlitzslovenijaskc?ref=hl

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