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Berlitz Language Center Celje


Welcome to Berlitz Language Center Celje

Although this language center is relatively young - open since 2007 - we praise ourselves with an excellent team of professional instructors who provide superior learning. Berlitz in Celje has followed the development of the city and today counts as one of the largest language centers in Slovenia.

Our team of foreign instructurs are native speakers in the language they teach. This provides you with the guarantee that you will be able to take complete advantage of all that Berlitz has to offer: quickly learn the foreign language and culture of your choice with our tested method of learning - the Berlitz Method. Courses are offered at Prva osnovna šola Celje (First Elementary School Celje, located at Vrunčeva 13) or at the premises of companies.

Many companies in Celje are very pleased with our services. Satisfied clients include: Engrotuš, Kovintrade, Gorenje, Cetis and many small companies. Although diverse in their needs, they all have something in common - they expect the best results and top quality service. In addition to offering business courses for companies and organizations, we also provide programmes for kids and teens as well group and individual courses for adults.

We would be happy to advise you on your choice of language course and will do a placement test of your current knowledge in order to prepare the programme that is best suited to your needs- all free of charge.  

Call us at 080 23 36 to make an appointment!

The Team at Berlitz Language Center Celje


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