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Global Orientation

A Reality-Based Discovery of Leadership

In our fast-changing global world, developing and implementing business strategies, plans and initiatives across a wide diversity of stakeholders critically determines business performance. In this environment, leaders require a global perspective, fine-tuned skill sets, and elevated capabilities to meet the challenges of the evolving marketplace and workforce realities.

Global Orientations are leadership immersion programs focused on specific business regions. They provide interactive and experiential learning opportunities ideal for managers and executives who seek to:

  • Gain practical insights into specific markets and leadership challenges
  • Grow specific global leadership skills and cultural skills
  • Design and execute competitive strategies

Participants discover specific keys to success and delivering results under challenging circumstances in a variety of different markets. Depending on individual objectives, they participate in only one or several Global Orientations programs for a customized, relevant, and cumulative development experience.

The Berlitz Difference

We don't "teach" leadership; we enable a reality-based discovery of leadership through real-life challenges, cases and problem solving. At Berlitz, we focus on:

  • Building practical skills through a method and applying this principle for developing global leaders
  • Combining academic insights and real life challenges to personalize the learning experience to the individual developmental needs
  • Creating a reality-based immersion through the worldwide resources of Berlitz
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