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Business & Leadership

A comprehensive and strategic approach to global diversity and inclusion is a key component of successful global management strategy.

It is no longer sufficient just to possess a diverse workforce; this diversity needs to be leveraged for competitive advantage.

Berlitz helps clients apply globally relevant strategies and tactics to create high performance, inclusive cultures.

Berlitz' Business & Leadership offerings are centered around our Inclusive Leadership approach, a robust framework of concepts, tools, and programs that provide flexible, scalable and globally relevant solutions to clients in every part of the world.

Berlitz' solutions allow clients to:

  • Drive organizational change through consistent communication of key diversity and inclusion drivers through facilitated workshops and coaching
  • Validate strategy and tactics through exposure to best-in-class diversity and inclusion benchmarks
  • As an organization, as leaders and as individuals, become skilled in leveraging diversity in a global context
  • Constructively explore individual frames of reference and bias while learning key skills for inclusive behavior in a globally diverse environment
  • Build leaders who are consistently succeed in a globally inclusive organization
  • Leverage and maximize impact of global talent strategies for diversity in every part of the world
  • Create and deploy a globally relevant Diversity & Inclusion strategy
  • Leverage insight of your organization's levels of awareness and exposure to key global diversity and inclusion topics and skills through flexible survey tools

Our consultants at Berlitz are always happy to be at your service!

With the acquisition of ISO 9001:2008 certification, Berlitz Slovenia d.o.o. has proven that its business practices conform to the highest of standards, and that it has an ongoing commitment to service improvement and customer satisfaction.

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