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What our employees say:

Pierre-Jacques Joubert (District Director):

"You will quickly notice that you’re working for a very special company. A company that above all is shaped by the people who work for Berlitz with a passion, who identify 100 per cent with our services and are characterized by their commitment, their customer orientation and their dynamic personalities. You will have plenty of challenges for which we will equip you well."

Alex Godwin (District Director):

„Berlitz – Helping the world communicate! If you take this sentence to heart you can look forward to a particularly exciting and varied Sales Trainee program and then later to a multitude of challenges as Center Director or as Manager Corporate Services. Through our practical training you will be supported and optimally prepared for your new job from the first day on. Berlitz provides you with the necessary freedom to take on responsibility very early on; to develop and implement your own ideas and to get people from all over the world excited about our wonderful products."

Carsten Lorenz (District Director):

"’The limits of my language mean the limits of my world’. Many of our clients can relate to this quotation from Ludwig Wittgenstein – and they come to Berlitz to expand their own ‘world’ and to break through barriers. To accompany people on the way, to expand their world and to have their dreams come true – this is my motivation at work every day. People trust Berlitz – and with that they trust the people who represent this open, dynamic and successful company."

Rainer Ziegeler (District Director):

“‘You’ll never walk alone!‘ – Even if in the near future you have realized your career goal and are about to take on a position where you’ll have a lot of independence, you will still be able to ask for support from any of the senior managers when you have questions or problems, and to profit from their experience.”

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